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What, How & Who

We are offering doctors, medical professionals and others with the opportunity to combine voluntary work in interesting locations with their next holiday or conference.

Why Volunteer?
We will find the right voluntary placement for you that will be challenging, worthwhile and creates a positive impact on the community that you visit. Learn new skills, live and work in a different environment, gain valuable life experiences, practice a new language – it is life changing for both you and the communities.
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Cambodia - with thanks to Medical Observer - 14 June 2013
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Nepal - with thanks
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Tanzania - with thanks
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Myanmar - with thanks to Australian Doctor Magazine - 23 March 2012
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Most placements need you for minimum two weeks and some are longer. You can certainly make an impact during that time however it goes without saying if you stay longer you can achieve more!

Who Volunteers?
EVERYBODY – all ages from 18 – 75 years.

Professionals – Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Veterinary Doctors, Surgeons, and allied health professionals.

Employees taking long service leave – you may never want to return to your desk!

People wanting a career break – just think of the possibilities! Individuals – don’t want to travel on your own? Join like-minded people from around the world – sharing the same journey - making a difference – having companionship.

Holiday makers - wanting to give something back and change your life – volunteer for 2 weeks as part of your next holiday - it is possible, amazing and rewarding!

Retirees – don’t want to sit at home – put your career skills back to work and volunteer – take your partner or friend – they can also be involved.

University or College students – take a break from studying and pursue relevant work experience. Teaching kids or get involved in wildlife projects – imagine what it will do for your resume.

Families, couples, small groups and company incentives - bringing people closer together.

Where can I go as a Volunteer? Click a link below for more information or
contact us for more details on any destination.

Costa Rica
South Africa
Sri Lanka

Your voluntary placement will be aimed to suit your skills, experience and interests as well as ensure that the local community benefits from your visit. Let us know your preferences so we can find the best placement for you. 

We have access to many hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centres throughout Asia-Pacific, Africa and South America.  However, please note that their level of resources and facilities and the standard of treatment will not be the same as Australia so please be prepared!

Before or after your volunteering assignment, you are able to travel within the same country or extend yourself further afield!

What type of voluntary work can I do?
Your options are limitless. Through our volunteer organisation partners and their long association in each host country, we have access to over 1,000 different skill based options, covering teaching, childcare, healthcare, medical, human rights, and conservation among many others. If that is not enough, we can always create new and customised small group options.

What is included in the Volunteer Placement Fee?

  • Pre-departure information and support
  • Local transfer, welcome pack and induction – you will be met at the airport, given useful information to become familiar with your local area.
  • English speaking supervisor at your placement.
  • Organised, tailored placement with worthwhile work to do.
  • Accommodation – usually with local host families who are carefully selected and regularly checked to ensure that the lodging is clean and comfortable. 
  • Food – all meals are provided.
  • Local support available 24 hours a day.

How is the money spent?
Our volunteering organisations do not receive any financial support from the government or outside funding, so volunteers need to pay their own way. Therefore the voluntary placement fee is used to pay the direct costs of your visit plus contribute towards the costs of establishing high quality and useful projects that will benefit the broader community.

The over-riding objectives are to ensure that our volunteers do not replace local jobs and do not create a financial burden on local partners in developing countries.

Whilst donations are made to those organisations, they are not regular payments that could compromise their own longevity.